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Dreams Implant’ has been nominated for Valley of Words Book Awards 2018(English Fiction Category)

183 days to go!!!
Valley of Words International Literature and Arts Festival
November 23-25,2018
Partho Bose’s novel ‘ Dreams Implant’ has been nominated for Valley of Words Book Awards 2018(English Fiction Category).
About the author:
Partho Bose was born and raised in New Delhi and is a management graduate. He has been an advertising professional and professor. He has been part of many successful campaigns in his lifetime. Partho’sfavorite past time is reading thriller novels. He thinks himself to be the best example of an armchair adventurer though his favorite outing to unwind himself is in visiting wildlife sanctuaries. He has travelled the length and breadth of the country to experience the flora and fauna of every region. This inspired him to take a plunge in writing. DREAMS IMPLANT is his first serious effort in novel writing.
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Interview in the Garhwal Post featuring Partho Bose

Interview in the Garhwal Post featuring Partho Bose, he has been nominated for Valley of Words Book Awards 2018(English Fiction Category) for his book ‘Dreams Implant’.
Valley of Words International Literature and Arts Festival 2018, Nov 23-25, one of the largest lit fests of North India
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Review for “Lightquest: Volume 1: Ailsa’s Story”

The beginning of this story has a good flow and introduces the readers to the place and the characters in a descriptive, and a very interesting, way. The story is pretty unusual and I suppose that it took a lot of imagination to write something like this. It is rather mysterious and yet revealing. The plot is thrilling and exciting, but I would recommend making it a bit more dynamic, since I felt like the whole story is developing at a slow pace. However, I feel that this is probably not the end of the story, since the last Chapter ends so abruptly and with a cliffhanger. Although it does say “finale”. I am a bit confused by this. Be as it may, I have enjoyed reading the story and I must commend your style of writing, which is very rich, eloquent, interesting and captivating.

Review for “Warrior of carnage

I just finished this book and just couldn’t stop reading it. I just love the idea and the main character Kaiden is amazing. I love how he can be so violent but also so sassy to the other Reapers.

I think the world and the plot itself is intriguing. I honestly love mercenaries/assassins and would read anything that has them in it. I think the biggest issue right now are grammatical errors and pacing. Even though some people tend to have a problem of dragging their plot too long, the author likes to make things happen a little too fast. Often, I find myself having to reread certain sections because so much has happened that my brain couldn’t process it fast enough. Slow things down, take moments to describe things a little more. The grammatical errors are mostly things regarding commas, but I think once it’s re edited again in the second edition it would be a wonderful read.

If you love anything Fantasy, action, demons or anything dark, definitely give this one a read.

Happy Republic Day

#Dreamsimplant wishes all the readers Happy Republic Day #RepublicDay